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CU Denver Named "Top Music Business Schools" -Billboard Magazine 2021, 2022, 2023

CU Denver Named "Top 10 College for Pop Music & Songwriting" -College Gazette

Music & Entertainment Industry Studies Named "Hidden Gem" Program -College Gazette

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As one of the only music departments in the country with a contemporary focus, Music & Entertainment Industry Studies (MEIS) at CU Denver provides the guidance, knowledge and expertise needed to transform your passion for music into a lifelong profession.

Our alumni have won Emmy Awards for sound recording and have toured the world with their bands. Whether you’re interested in building the business or creating the sound, MEIS offers four programs that prepare students for careers in the arts and entertainment industries through intense focus on commercial music business and styles.


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Music Business

Music Business prepares students for the nuanced contemporary music industry with study of  finance, law, publishing, concert promotion, music production, and management.

Music Performance

A cutting edge, industry-based education of contemporary music styles, Music Performance graduates students with an entrepreneurial spirit ready for local and national careers.

Recording Arts

Recording Arts is a hands-on study of audio engineering in contemporary music and the entertainment industry.  Career-conscious courses provide experiences to succeed in an ever-changing, growing industry.


The Singer/Songwriter program is a study of musicianship and contemporary performance focusing on songwriting, arranging, and publishing.


Master of Science in Media Forensics

This program prepares students from various backgrounds for work in the field of forensic audio, video, and image analysis utilizing the state-of-the-art methods and technology necessary to fight crime in the digital age.

Master of Science, Recording Arts

This program refines skills in sound recording, aesthetics, multi-track recording, digital signal processing, automated mixing, synchronization, stereo imaging and monitoring, mastering and post-production for advanced careers.

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CU Denver recording arts grad and Denver musical artist, Jelie, delivers TED talk

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