Ready to Go Global?

Researching different programs can help you make the best choice for your study abroad experience. The Office of Global Education has all the information students need on choosing a program, applying, and getting ready to leave.

The College of Arts & Media is excited to offer students the opportunity to diversify their learning experience by studying in a new and different environment.

Studying abroad gives students the chance to learn about themselves and incorporate different perspectives into their work. CU Denver offers a number of Study Abroad programs for CAM students to choose from. Taking the time to research locations and program specifics will ensure students choose the best program for their needs.


Discover unique opportunities available for Winter, Maymester, and Summer terms in the fields of visual arts, sound, design, music, and film.

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Nepal: Arts, Design and Meditation in Kathmandu

Explore how to lead an ethical and fulfilling life through mindfulness and meditation, learning to be more self-aware, and more radically present, curious, and compassionate as you experience experiences. Open to all majors, CAM students will expand their awareness training artistically while students in adjacent industries will learn to harness the art of attention and ethics in the arts to excel within their own disciplines.

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Japan: Arts, Culture, and Pursuit of Wabi-Sabi

Through the lens of Wabi-sabi, explore how Japan's unique history and culture are reflected in its art, architecture, media and everyday life. Specifically, students will spend time in the metropolis of Tokyo, renowned as a cultural center for setting trends in fashion, music, art, technology and animation, and Kyoto, the traditional capital of Japan and home to countless temples, shrines, and other historical one-of-a-kind structures. 

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Ireland: Interdisciplinary Art

With introductions to photographic, sculptural, print and digital process, lectures on contemporary and historic practice, guest artist, critiques and seminars, the creative risk taking of this four-week experience immersed in the Irish culture and landscape will fuel your artistic work for years to come.

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Czech Republic: Recording Studio in Prague

Come study music production in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. Immerse yourself in the music and culture of Prague, the city of a thousand spires.

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Egypt: Art, Empathy and Designing a Better World

Grow empathy for others whose lives are very different than your own, define problems, imagine and beta test iterative solutions, fuel you entrepreneurial spirit, and invent the world you hope to live in. Open to all majors, this course will teach you about topics such as free water access while cruising down the Nile River, art and empathy at the Egyptian Museum, and visiting religious sites all while seeking solutions to modern problems.

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Cuba: Exploring Music in Cuban Culture

Immerse yourself in Cuban life, music, and culture by hearing from those who live there. We will explore Cuban music in its cultural context, examining Native Indian, African, and European influences, the development of various Cuban musical genres, and the current musical and cultural landscape.


A semester abroad is full immersion into culture, life, and education at a foreign university.

Becoming creatives-to-the-world requires empathy, observation, the embrace of difference, and an understanding of our own one-of-a-kind voice and how that voice lives within the global context. Now, while students within the College of Arts & Media are exploring their creative and scholarly voices, they too can explore the world through two semester-long study abroad programs, focused on the creative industries.

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ArtsHub Asia: Semester in Malaysia

Explore your creative and scholarly voice while studying in Malaysia, a world leader in cultural and creative entrepreneurship.

Sunway University School of Arts welcomes CAM students to integrate knowledge and practice.
Students will learn and create while taking courses in programs as diverse as adverting and branding, audio technology, communications, contemporary music, design, design communications, graphics and multimedia, digital film production, theatre and film.

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ArtsHub Asia: Semester in Singapore

Explore your creative and scholarly voice while studying in Singapore, a southeast Asian country that is home to one the world's fastest growing creative economies.

Taught in English, programs at LASALLE College of the Arts and Raffles School of Music align with those at CU Denver, with degrees in animation, arts management, audio recording and production, contemporary music, design communication, and fine arts (with an focus on contemporary western and Asian cultures).