Recording Arts, MS Course Descriptions


MSRA 5000 - Introduction to Graduate Study
Surveys existing literature and research in science, technology, and pedagogy of recording arts. Extensive use of available resources in library, electronic and print, trade and scientific publications are explored. Use of computer applications for research and publication are developed.


MSRA 5001 - MSRA Research Seminar
In preparation for their thesis/portfolio, students learn research techniques by:  applying skills from MSRA 5000, learning research design, performing research, interpreting results, and writing.  Students will discover opportunities to add to the body of audio literature and recording techniques.


MSRA 5360 -  Music, Meditation and Technology 

Interdisciplinary course on acoustic ecology, sound art, and music technology. Through deep listening, compassionate listening, soundwalking, and interactive music controlled by motion capture, the unifying theme of this course is an engagement with sonic awareness, environment, and self-exploration. Restriction: Restricted to RCDA-MS majors within the College of Arts and Media. Cross-listed with MUSC 4360. Max hours: 3 Credits.


MSRA 5500 - Topics in Professional Audio
Selected topical subjects to include live or studio sound recording, sound reinforcement, new technologies or practices in the audio industry (1 credit hour).


MSRA 5505 - Audio Post Production I                                                                              
Reviews all aspects of audio synchronized with picture, including music, sound effects, narration and dialog replacement. Topics studied with respect to film, video and multimedia. 


MSRA 5510 - Topics in Recording Arts                                                                         Selected topical subjects to include live or studio sound recording, sound reinforcement, new technologies or practices in the audio industry (3 credit hours).


MSRA 5515 - Songs & Scores for Visual Media                                                                    
An introduction to the concepts involved in composing music for film, television and other visual media. To aquaint aspiring musician filmmakers with the use of music in films. 


MSRA 5530 - Live Sound Reinforcement
This course focuses on the basic elements of sound reinforcement: acoustics,
equalization, equipment, and mixing techniques. The major emphasis is the
production of the final sonic product.


MSRA 5550 - Audio Production III
Advanced studies in sound recording and reinforcement, aesthetics and techniques of multi-track analog and digital recording and stereo imaging. Team lab recording projects.


MSRA 5560 - Mastering & Advanced Digital Audio
A study and practice of the art of mastering.  Topics covered include:  history, monitoring, signal flow, metering, jitter, audio restoration, limiting, creating a CD pre-master, and mastering for new media.  Students will get practical experience mastering their own projects.


MSRA 5575 - Graduate Surround Sound
This lecture-lab course deals with surround sound in film, digital TV and DVD's. Topics include monitoring, microphone techniques, recording, mixing, mastering, delivery formats, and psychoacoustics. Students work on two lab projects in the semester.


MSRA 5580 - Graduate Audio Seminar I
Faculty and majors of the music engineering program assemble to discuss and demonstrate issues of artistic and technical applications of recording technology. Student projects, faculty, and guest lectures provide topical focus.


MSRA 5580 - Graduate Audio Seminar II
Capstone project based course in which students complete professional quality projects in music production and/or post production.  Students refine their engineering skills and develop new skills required for integration in the music industry such as portfolio design and resume development.


MSRA 5590 - Graduate Audio Production
This course covers advanced audio skills for music recording, including technical, and artistic considerations.


MSRA 5605 - Audio Post Production II
Studies the general principles and applications of digital music technology, emphasizing the function and operation of specific computer software. Topics include digital audio workstations, MIDI sequencers, digital signal processing programs, and distribution on optical discs and computer-based mediums.


MSRA 5820 - Digital Music Techniques
Students will learn advanced Pro Tools techniques by designing, conceptualizing, and completing sound for a student film project.  This interdisciplinary course prepares students for working relationships between Recording Arts, Film, and Video areas and an entry level job in post production.


MSRA 5840 - Independent Study for MSRA
Allows graduate students to pursue in-depth study of an audio-related topic, to be discussed with and approved by the Graduate Advisor. A final report or other tangible results will be determined on a case- by-case basis.


MSRA 6510 - Graduate Audio Studies Pedagogy
Surveys available resources for audio education. Interdisciplinary materials in physics, acoustics, engineering, music, broadcast, medicine, psychology, multi-media, theater, and film or video are reviewed. Emphasis on design and development of new methods and materials are pursued. (MSRA graduate students only.) Prereq: MUSC 5000.


MSRA 6950 - Thesis in Professional Audio
With the guidance of a thesis advisor, each candidate for the MSRA degree select an approved topic for scholarly review, research and publication. The approved materials are evaluated for written and oral defense. Prereq: MUSC 5000, 5590, 6510, 6580, 6530.


MSRA 6957 - Professional Audio Portfolio Thesis
With the guidance of a portfolio advisor, each candidate for the MSRA degree produce specified documentation and audio materials that reflect the career intentions of the candidate. A completed "Show kit" or professional "Demo" of the candidate's specialty are produced. The approved materials are evaluated for written, audio and oral defense.

Please email Cecilia Wu, MSRA Faculty Director, at or call 303-315-7450 for more information.

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