Recording Arts, Masters of Science

Recording arts is a field that deals with all aspects of recorded music and sound including mixing, mastering, production, sequencing, calibration, live sound reinforcement, and post-production. The programs refine student skills in sound recording, aesthetics, multi-track recording, digital signal processing, automated mixing, synchronization, stereo imaging and monitoring, mastering and post-production.



The program recognizes the need for pedagogy degrees. Pedagogy is synonymous with teaching, and this program includes a survey of available resources for audio education. The curriculum offers an interdisciplinary approach including physics, acoustics, engineering, music, broadcast, medicine, psychology, multimedia, theatre and film/video. The program emphasizes design and development of new methods and materials.


CU Denver’s Master of Science in Recording Arts has the only pedagogy track in the nation. This graduate degree is designed to:

  • Prepare students for careers in audio applications for the fields of mass communications, education, arts, and the entertainment industries.
  • Help professionals advance their careers.
  • Helps to prepare music educators of the future.


Graduate courses constituting the core of the MSRA advance the artistic, pedagogical, technical, and problem-solving abilities of the enrolled students. Elective courses allow each student to develop additional skills and knowledge in related areas, including film, broadcasting, education, music business, and the performing arts.