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As one of the most unique programs in the Rocky Mountain region, Recording Arts prepares graduates to work as audio engineers with many contemporary styles of music recording and editing. Students learn from expert faculty on professional equipment while building career-ready portfolios, covering technical fundamentals and then move beyond the basics to explore theories supporting advanced problem-solving and technique, as well as creative music mixing strategies.


Where Do Recording Arts Graduates Find Careers?

Graduates are working in live sound, sound for gaming, post production sound on video and film, radio, sound design for web applications, and, of course in music studios. CU Denver alumni have won Emmy awards for sound mixing on Game of Thrones, own recording studios, are touring internationally with bands, are DJ's and EDM artists, and are working with cutting edge companies in the entertainment industry.


Audition Track Vs Non-Audition Track

Recording Arts is offered as both Audition and Non-Audition Track. The Non-Audition Track is designed for students who seek careers working behind the scenes in the music industry. There are less performance classes in this major which allows for more recording arts elective courses. Students in the non-audition track are eligible to do our new 4+1 option that allows students to earn both a bachelors and a masters degree in Recording Arts in just five years.

The Audition Track is designed for students who want a lot of both recording arts and performance classes in the curriculum. It's perfect for students who want performance to be a big part of their future career and also want extensive recording arts skills as well. This allows for more career flexibility. Audition track students choose one of the same instruments as we offer for music performance and must pass an audition to enter the program.


Audition Track Primary Instruments Include:

BassElectronic Digital InstrumentPianoViolin, Viola
Cello GuitarTrumpetVoice
Drum KitPercussionSaxophone


How To Apply


Recording Arts - Non-Audition Track

For the Recording Arts - Non-Audition Track Program, applicants just need to apply to CU Denver and be admitted in order to pursue this major. No additional music application requirements are required.

Recording Arts - Audition Track 

For the Recording Arts - Audition Track Program, the first step is to apply to CU Denver. After being admitted to CU Denver, there are additional music specific application requirements including an audition. Please note that the audition can be scheduled prior to CU Denver admission. The audition forms for each instrument and complete information about the audition track requirements can be found on the HOW TO APPLY page in the music section.


For more information about the Recording Arts program and audition track programs, email the College of Arts & Media at or call 303-315-7400. If you would like to visit campus to tour our music facilities and learn more about our programs, you can view all of the visit day options here.

For full information about degree requirements and curriculum visit the program page on the CU Denver catalog

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