This page is an complete list of College of Arts & Media committees and committee service. Serving on a CAM committee that is not captured here? Let us know ( And be sure to include your leadership and service in Interfolio – Faculty Activity ReportingSystem. 

Executive Committee
The committee provides a forum for the discussion of issues relating to strategic planning and goals, management, and improvement of the college, to serve as the central planning body for the college, to keep the Dean informed on the status of matters delegated to administrators and administrative staff, and to make recommendations to the Dean on policies and procedures relating to the operation and management of the college. The Executive Committee discusses, evaluates and develops policies and procedures that include budgetary matters, personnel issues, and curricular issues to ensure continuity, communication and coordination across all areas of the college’s academic programs.
Budget Priorities Committee (BPC)The CAM Budget Priorities Committee (CBPC) is an advisory body to the Dean charged with making recommendations on strategic budgetary planning for the college, as charged by the Dean. The Dean presents the recommendations of the CBPC to the Executive Committee for discussion, and reports back to the CBPC.
Emmanuel Gallery Committee
Forming in 2022.
AcPolThe CAM Academic Policies, Procedures and Curriculum Committee (ACPOL) is responsible for the evaluation and interpretation of the approved academic policies and curriculum of the college. The two primary functions of ACPOL are to serve as the committee for all student-related petitions, issues, and appeals; and to serve as a peer review and approval process for all curricular and program changes and to ensure consistency across programs and the college.
Dean's Advisory (RTP)The reappointment, tenure and promotion review process incorporates committee reviews at several levels within the College of Arts & Media, including the Primary Unit Committee and the Dean’s Advisory Committee. The Primary Unit is a committee of tenured CAM faculty that is charged to review RTP dossiers in concert with university policies. The Dean’s Advisory Committee is a committee of tenured CAM faculty that is charged to review RTP dossiers in concert with university policies. College PTR Committee will serve as the first level of review for post tenure reviews until such time as a critical mass of senior professors resides in each department.
Scholarships CommitteeThe Scholarships and Awards Committee is responsible for selecting student recipients, based on the published criteria and guidelines for the competitive scholarships available to CAM students. The committee may also be called upon to engage in the selection process for other student awards, projects or initiatives that require a selection process and are assigned to the committee by the Dean. The committee may seek consultation with relevant faculty and/or professionals on awards and scholarships.
By-Laws & Merit 
Nuts and BoltsIdentify shared problems and solve them. Identify shared opportunities and create them.


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