At CU Denver students use photography as a form of creative expression while expanding their knowledge of the medium as a critical dialogue in contemporary culture. From the darkroom to the digital lab, students build the technical and conceptual skills that are necessary to produce meaningful and provocative photographs. Discussions of the theoretical implications of the medium strengthen the ability to communicate ideas both visually and verbally.

Studio work is complemented by theory and history courses, as well as by instruction on how to promote oneself as an artist. Faculty focus on personal artistic expression, broad conceptual concerns, and nurturing the creative process. Although graduates have gone on to work in various professional environments, the program emphasizes fine arts photography.


Where Do Photography Graduates Find Careers?

Our students and graduates have shown their work internationally, exhibiting everywhere from New York, San Francisco,
and Boston to Paris, Florence, Helsinki, and Toronto. And of course many take advantage of Denver’s growing art scene.


Class of 2022 Student Work

Students graduate from the Photography program with a strong conceptual framework, an ability to place their images in the context of contemporary fine art photography, and a portfolio that demonstrates a mastery of the medium. Check out graduates' thesis
work on the BFA Thesis Webpage

For more information about the Photography emphasis, email the College of Arts & Media at CAMinfo@ucdenver.edu or call 303-315-7487.

For full information about degree requirements and curriculum visit the program page on the CU Denver catalog.