Master of Science in Recording Arts Emphasis in Media Forensics Degree




The following are the computer requirements and suggestions for students entering the MSRA-MF degree program. Students must have all the required hardware and software prior to the start of classes.​





  • Computer with Windows 7 or later. This can include a Windows PC or a Mac running Windows in BootCamp (virtualization via VMWare, Parallels, etc. is acceptable). ​​​​​​​
    • ​​Suggested specifications:
    • Intel Core i5 or i7 processor (or AMD equivalent.)
    • Minimum 8GB memory for WIN 10/OSX. Minimum 4GB memory for WIN 7.

  • High-speed internet connection.
    • ​​Wi-fi is acceptable under most circumstances (e.g. live lectures, Canvas content.) However, it will be necessary from time-to-time to access course materials using a faster, wired connection (e.g. uploading/downloading multimedia files for projects, etc.)




  • MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite (Free for University Student Use)
  • ​Microsoft Office (Office 365 Free for University Student Use via University Email in Outlook)​



  • Adobe Creative Cloud to include:​
    • ​​Photoshop (wit​h Bridge)
    • Audition
    • Premiere (with Media Encoder)


For more information or questions, email Cole Whitecotton,