Masters of Science in Recording Arts emphasis in Media Forensics (MSRA-MF)


Programmatic Outcomes

Graduates of this program will, through the analysis of forensic media evidence, apply theory and
technical skills grounded in scientifically proven methodologies where ethical conclusions are drawn free
of bias and with attention to historical and contemporary perspectives. This will be attained through the
MSRA-MF Programmatic Outcomes:

  • Knowledge
    • Develop the technical knowledge needed in forensic audio/video analysis
    • Demonstrate an understanding of advanced techniques crucial to media forensics
    • Apply standardized analysis and evidence handling procedures to ensure the integrity of
      digital evidence.
    • Recognize ethical professional practice and the role of unbiased science in forensics.


  • Skills
    • Apply theory and technical skills related to audio/video technology
    • Reference international standards and best practices for the analysis of forensic media.
    • Thoroughly document procedures used in analyses
    • Provide scientific, persuasive, and ethical expert witness testimony


  • Dispositions
    • Value necessary aspects of adaptive creativity and scientific reasoning in the investigation of
      forensic media: an inquisitive nature, objectivity, organization, cross-disciplinary awareness,
      and problem solving skills honed to address various technologies.