Admission to 3D Graphics & Animation

The DAC does not require an entrance portfolio review. At the end of the first year, the student can choose to apply for admission into the DAC program as a member of the DAC Core Cadre. Through a competitive selection process, a maximum of 32 students will be allowed to move on as members of the DAC Core Cadre.

Selection for the Core Cadre will be competitive, (by committee review by select DAC and Visual Arts faculty) with selection criteria based on presentation of a year one portfolio, in class performance. A minimum of a 2.8 GPA is required to apply.

The candidates portfolio will be comprised of select work created in FINE 1810, FINE 1820 and works of choice representative of the students work in the foundational art courses during year one.  These requirements will be built into the syllabi for both Fine 1810 and FINE 1820.

Acceptance into the DAC Core Cadre at the end of year one is not guaranteed and is strongly dependent on demonstrated ability, evidence of personal motivation, discipline, the ability to create and work within a group dynamic, creativity and a clear indication that the student is interested in assuming the responsibility for learning new technologies.



The range of transfer credits for which might be accepted for credit towards graduation will be determined a review of a students transcripts by both the DAC Area Head, Dane Webster, and the Academic Advising Director for the College of Arts & Media.

All students interested in applying for 3D Graphics and Animation major status are encouraged to develop creative work which is of an electronic nature as well as in areas of the traditional Fine Arts such as Photography, Painting, Video and Film, Drawing, Painting and Sculpture.



For students wishing to take courses in this program without the intention of working towards a degree, courses are open to them but priority seating in courses will be given to degree seeking majors. Students wishing to pursue this track must still schedule an interview with the Program Head.

All 3D/animation core courses are open to Majors and Non-Majors alike as long as the course prerequisites are met. Priority seating is given to Majors in the 3D Graphics and Animation program.



Students must first be accepted to the University. The first year DAC courses, FA1810 and FA1820 are open to anyone however students wishing to be considered for entry into this program should email the DAC’s Administrative Lead, Michelle Carpenter at

International students seeking information on admissions to the University of Colorado will want to click here.
After receiving notification of formal acceptance to the University each incoming student must schedule an interview with the Academic Advisor for the College of Arts and Media. An appointment can also be made by calling 303-315-7400.

The 3D Graphics and Animation Program has a policy which states that an electronic “hold” will be placed on each student’s registration until they have met with their academic advisor. The purpose of this hold is to see that the student is taking the appropriate, courses in the correct sequence.



All Digital Arts majors must maintain a C (2.5) grade average in all 3D Graphic and Animation specific courses. All academic courses must be completed with a grade of C (2.5) or better. Students falling below this standard will be subject to academic probation in the 3D Graphics and Animation Program and possible loss of major status.

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