Our mission is to co-create the College of Arts & Media as a space where everyone feels welcomed and empowered as their whole selves. Among us are scholars, artists, designers, and creators who believe we can be catalysts for positive change. We celebrate our successes and embrace the work by re-examining our policies, practices, and priorities as we strive to create a more equitable, just, and inclusive community. In service of this mission, a growing library of resources is being assemble.


Faculty Resource for Equity and Justice

How can we facilitate a restorative conversation when there has been conflict and harm?

What is a genuine apology? 

How can we help move institutions and individuals toward eliminating bias? 

How can we work to identify and cease microaggressions? 

How can we be better allies to people with marginalized identities? 

How can we move from ally to accomplice? 

How can we take steps to avoid tokenism? 

How can we begin to use language that is more inclusive of all genders and sexualities? 


How can we begin to cultivate access intimacy in our community? 



Microaggression Reporting Reference

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