Percussion Audition Information


All percussion applicants applying to the Performance Track, Music Business - Audition Track, or the Recording Arts - Audition Track must either submit an audition video or conduct a live audition. While a live audition is preferred, applicants may upload an audition video through Acceptd. at for consideration.

All percussion audition videos or live auditions must include the following:

  1. Solo Pieces: Perform the following:
    1. Concert Style Snare Drum Solo - Anthony Cirone “Portraits In Rhythm” or similar.
    2. Rudimental Style Snare Drum Solo (No Marching Band Solos please)
      1. Longer Solos – John S. Pratt “14 Modern Contest Solos for Snare Drum” or similar.
      2. Shorter Solos – Charley Wilcoxon “The All-American Drummer 150 Rudimental Solos” or similar.
      3. NOTE: If choosing the shorter solos please combine three solos to be played in succession, either 2/4 – 6/8 – 2/4 or 6/8 – 2/4 – 6/8. All three solos should be in the same tempo.
  2. Optional: Perform the following:
    1. Short Mallet Solo - 2 or 4 mallets, instrument of choice: Marimba / Vibes / Xylophone.
    2. Brief demonstration of any “Latin” (Afro-Cuban / Brazilian) Percussion skills - Congas / Timbales / Bongo / etc.


How to submit your audition video:

  1. Record your audition video per the guidelines listed above. All selections must be verbally labeled.
  2. Go to; choose your Program Group (emphasis area) and Program (instrument). Click “Get Started!”
  3. Follow the registration instructions to create your account and upload your video.
  4. Physical CD’s, DVD’s, and tapes will not be accepted. Emailed files and YouTube links are not acceptable.
  5. Audition videos for new MEIS applicants must be received no later than April 1st.
  6. Audition videos for current CU Denver MEIS students who wish to switch their emphasis/track for the Spring Semester must be received no later than November 20th.

Audition video follow-up and live audition information:

Audition videos will be reviewed by our faculty within three weeks of receipt. Faculty will contact applicants about next steps. Faculty may request that applicants conduct a live audition in addition to the video submission. Applicants may also choose to live audition instead of submitting an audition video. The live audition dates are listed on the MEIS admission page on our website:

Live auditions typically take 20-30 minutes and will take place in the Arts Building on the Auraria Campus. The audition will consist of sight-reading and a short demonstration of the pieces described above. The audition will also feature an opportunity for prospective students to ask questions regarding the program, applied lessons, ensemble placement, etc.

Contact Information:

If you want to schedule a live audition or have questions about the EDI audition process, please contact the Todd Reid at