Guest Speakers Fall 2020


Kelly R Ludeking

Guest Speaker Professor Rian Kerrane - FINE 3510 Mold Design & Casting
Tuesday 16 March 2021

Kelly graduated from Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD) in 1997 with a BFA in sculpture and furniture design. Here he was introduced to the feral fires of iron casting and the precision of fine furniture crafting. Ludeking has participated in, facilitated and hosted hundreds of iron pours since. In 2008 he co-founded Ironhead Sculptural Services, LLC, a traveling iron foundry that shares the art and appreciation of cast iron sculpture and performances with local community members.

KRL metals is his personal artist business where he explores intimate creative processes from mould making to molten mayhem to masterpieces. He also teaches welding to garden sculpture aficionados, hosts aluminum medallion pours for family reunions & corporate events and co-creates with visionaries to usher their ideas into the world.

In recent years, as academic access to iron casting has declined, Ludeking has branched out as a consultant in the cast iron world. He guides artists through the process of building their own furnace, running it for the first time & troubleshooting the fluid nature of coke-operated cupolas & cupolettes. Whether speaking on a panel at colleges and conferences or solo engagements at rotary clubs, art centers and high schools, Ludeking is at home sharing his vast knowledge, experience and passion for the creative life. His love for sharing cast iron art & processes lead him to begin an annual event on his family farm in NE Iowa, USA. Since 2004 artists have traveled from all over the world to the Ludeking estate for camping, community and cast iron festivities. | |