Outcome Reporting


Within 60 days of project completion, grant recipients must submit an outcomes report. The report may be submitted in the form of a two-page written overview or in another format more relevant to the project. The reports will be accessible to the Director of Marketing & Communications and may be published or shared to bring visibility to faculty, students and CAM.


The report must include:

  • Description of the project, including initial goals
  • Activities funded by the grant
  • Outcomes of the research, including insights, advances in theoretical, methodological, and conceptual approaches and understandings, etc., achieved as a result of the activities, partnership, and process
  • Next steps for the research/creative activity
  • Monetary gains resulting from grant supported materials and/or activities
  • A copy of any materials produced clearly showing CAM acknowledgements and logo. Recommended language for acknowledgement: “This project is partially supported by the University of Colorado Denver’s College of Arts & Media”


Recipients who fail to submit an outcomes report for each project will be ineligible to receive CAM Faculty Development Grants the following fiscal year.



All University of Colorado Denver Procurement and Travel Policies & Procedures, found at https://www.cu.edu/psc/procedures, must be followed. Please work with your program assistant for all purchases. Out-of-pocket reimbursements should be considered a last resort for any non-travel related purchases.


All equipment and materials purchased by CAM in connection with a Faculty Development Grant are the property of CAM and must be cataloged by the CAM Dean’s Office and stored in an accessible location on the Auraria campus.


Any contracts associated with a Faculty Development Grant must be submitted to the Dean’s Office unsigned. Third party contracts and payments to individual suppliers are not reimbursable.



If substantial University funds are used in the development of faculty “work product,” the University typically shares the rights to that intellectual property. CU Denver’s IP policy can be found here: https://www.cu.edu/sites/default/files/1014.pdf. If you are using CAM FDG funds to support a paid concert, the sale of works, or for other monetary gain, please fully disclose all anticipated proceeds in your budget.

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