Music Theory and Ear Training Proficiency Testing


Proficiency testing in the MEIS department allows students to test out of courses in Music Theory and Ear Training and Sight Singing. By testing out of one or more of these classes, students are waived of the requirement to take the class, but no credit is awarded for the class.


Music Theory and Ear Training Proficiency Test Guidelines


Ensembles are a required co-requisite for all Audition Track, Performance and Singer/Songwriter students in order to take applied lessons (private 1:1 lessons on primary instrument).


To learn more, visit the Ensembles webpage.

F21 Ensemble Poster

Applied Lessons

The deadline to apply for Applied Lessons is January 6, 2023. For more information and registration requirements please read the Applied Lesson Info Sheet.


Once you are ready to apply, please complete the Applied Lesson Application.


Music & Entertainment Industry Studies Department

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Telephone: 303-315-7450

Music Electives

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Recording Arts Electives

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Music Business Electives

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