Advanced Cinematography Partners With Canon and The Wild Animal Sanctuary


The College of Arts & Media is to provide students with experiential learning opportunities to combine the knowledge they learn in the classroom with their creative pursuits in professional setting. This fall, Advanced Cinematography had the unique experience of using top-of-the-line filming equipment to raise awareness for an exceptional and unique organization in Colorado’s nonprofit, The Wild Animal Sanctuary. A crew of CU Denver film students traveled to the Wild Animal Sanctuary producing video for the refuge of  resident lions, tigers, bears (oh my!) and many other special carnivores who inhabit the thousands of acres of land.

In partnership with Canon and a gracious contribution of industry grade equipment for filming, these students were able to deliver high quality content for the Sanctuary to utilize to help share the message of their mission. The series of videos is evidence of Canon’s commitment to education and provided this group of future professionals with a meaningful experience to use their artistic talents in supporting an organization dedicated to preserving the world’s wildlife.