Retention Interviews….. We want to hear from YOU! 


à Coming summer 2023

The People Operations/HR team has an exciting opportunity coming up this summer, centered around your experience and voice!  As part of CAM’s on-going effort to increase engagement and retention, we will be conducting retention interviews.

What is a retention interview?


Retention interviews are structured discussions with employees that aim to learn how a team or unit might strengthen employee engagement and improve retention.   

When are these happening?


We are aiming at the summer months to conduct all focus groups and individual interviews.

Where will these take place?


A combination of in-person and remote options will be available for each focus group or individual interview. 

Why is CAM conducting retention interviews?


CAM values your voice and commitment to making CAM a positive and encouraging environment! We hope to gain insights into what is keeping each of you here; what we might improve upon; and what employee engagement projects we should focus on next. 

Invitations will go out in May/June and be grouped by years of employment in CAM.  Please reach out to Teri Wilson ( if you have any questions or want to learn more! 

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