What is Career Mapping?  How to start the process?

As part of ongoing People Operations/HR projects within CAM, a focus of the CAM People Operations/HR team is to look at retention.  To support this aspect, all staff have been invited to participate in this process that aims to look at individualized career maps and training programs to assess career pathways, succession planning options, and increase retention and engagement. 

Below is information about career mapping.  If you are interested in meeting and starting this process, schedule some time with Teri Wilson (teri.wilson@ucdenver.edu).

What is Career Mapping? 

  • Career Mapping: process by which a pathway may be created through both traditional ladders and less traditional organizational structures
    • Ladders in place: entry àintermediate à senior à principal à etc….
    • Objectives: Explore and consider what in-range evolution of positions and possible alignments with interests in other job families could include
      • Explore the possibility of creating opportunities within each structured career ladder (i.e. senior I; senior II)
      • Empower employees to take a participating role in their own pathway that encourages a growth mindset and satisfaction
      • Increase engagement
      • Provide meaningful work aligned with University strategic goals
      • Increase retention

Why should we consider doing this?

  • Method to engage and/or increase engagement and employee satisfaction

Standard steps in the process:

  • Conduct assessments
  • Create customized career and training maps
  • Explore possible opportunities

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