Additional Pay Process


  • Prior to services being performed, fill out and submit the Funding Request Formstack
    • Be sure to fill out the form in its entirety, including a brief overview of the services to be provided, why these services are necessary, and complete the required fields for the actual date(s) of services, cost of services, and vendor information, etc.
  • For requests to pay a person for ‘Services’, select the ‘Services” button and then select the appropriate vendor type
    • Selecting “University of Colorado Faculty/Staff” or “University of Colorado Student Employee” will ensure the form is routed to CAM HR.  Selecting other vendor types will not route to CAM HR
  • Once the form is filled out and submitted, it then goes through an approval process
    • Department Chair/contact reviews/approves.
    • CAM Finance – reviews to ensure the services are allowable; if allowable, finance approves the funding request.
    • CAM HR reviews to ensure the additional pay will be allowable through payroll and not impact the 1/6th or 1/9 rule for faculty. 
    • Upon all approvals being obtained, the initiator will get a notification email, from the Formstack system, that states the funding request has been approved; you may proceed with confirming and executing services at this time. 
  • CAM HR will initiate the Additional Pay Form and begin routing for signatures.
  • Once all signatures are obtained, CAM HR will enter the additional pay into the payroll system to be paid after services are rendered.

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