University of Colorado - Faculty Handbook


The electronic Faculty Handbook is an index of current Regent Laws and Policies and Administrative Policy Statements, Regent actions and sections of Colorado Revised Statute that pertain to faculty.


The information in the Faculty Handbook is provided in this document for the convenience of members of the University of Colorado community. Although the policies and other statements found here cover a wide variety of subjects, readers should be aware that there are other important policies and procedures specific to the University's colleges, schools, departments, and other academic units that should be consulted as the need arises.


The Faculty Handbook cannot and is not intended to address all circumstances related to a faculty member's role in the University nor is the information contained in the Handbook intended to constitute an express or implied contract of employment with the University.


Similarly, in an institution as complex as the University, policies and procedures are regularly in the process of review and revision. The University of Colorado expressly reserves the right to amend its policies and procedures periodically. Such amendments, as well as any new policies deemed to be in the University's interest, will be effective as of the date of their enactment, unless the action itself specifies a different effective date.


We welcome your comments, suggestions, corrections, and questions regarding this Handbook and any suggestions for other issues that might be addressed appropriately in this Handbook.


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Handbook Content:

                   i.      Faculty Handbook Main Page

                   ii.      Introduction to the University

                  iii.      Organization and Administration of the University

                   iv.      Faculty Governance

                     v.      Faculty Titles

                    vi.      Academic Principles and Related Policies

                   vii.      Compensation and Leave

                  viii.      Nonreappointment, Termination, Suspension, Dismissal and Resignation

                      ix.      Principles & Policies Related to Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure

                       x.      Retirement, Insurance and Other Benefits