The College of Arts & Media believes in hiring qualified individuals through a strategic talent acquisition process and aims to invest in positions that contribute to the overall success of the college. All requested staff positions, in CAM, undergo an intentional, rigorous, transparent, and inclusive process.  

Talent Acquisition: A strategic approach and key component of workforce management.  Includes inclusive practices used in assessing long term growth and needs; current needs and talent; position assessments; and engaging qualified candidates.

CAM People Operations/HR takes on the responsibility of pulling all applications and supporting materials; working with applicants to upload missing documents ahead of the screening process; and to compile all application materials into one file (per applicant) that then gets sent to the committee with the screening matrix.  This process eliminates applicants being disqualified when the system, which can be unfriendly to users, doesn’t upload documents accurately. 

For University Staff positions, CAM People Operations/HR takes the extra steps toward eliminating any unconscious biases by redacting as much identifiable and protected class information, without impacting the integrity of the application.  This allows us to ensure a fair and legal review process. The work, facilitated by CAM People Operations/HR has led to changes in the Office of Equity toolkit for recruitments. 

What are protected classes at CU?


  • Race: Federal civil rights laws do not define race. However, all people have a race or are multiracial and can self-identify. All races are protected under university policy.
  • Color: Refers to the pigmentation of one’s skin. An individual can make an allegation of color discrimination or color harassment against someone of the same race or color.
  • National Origin: Refers to a person’s or a person's ancestors' place of origin or to the physical, cultural or linguistic characteristics of an ethnic group.
  • Sex and Gender: Sex refers to the anatomy and biology that determines whether one is male, female and/or intersex. Gender refers to the social constructs surrounding gender roles.
  • Gender Identity: Refers to an innate sense of one’s own gender, or an internal sense of who one is, regardless of anatomy.
  • Gender Expression: Refers to how a person represents or expresses one’s gender to others through external appearance, characteristics or behaviors typically associated with a specific gender.
  • Sexual Orientation: Refers to the physical or emotional attraction toward a certain sex or gender. Additionally, individuals are protected from discrimination or harassment based on a perception of an individual’s sexual orientation, even if that perception is mistaken.
  • Disability: Refers to a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of an individual. The policy also protects individuals who are regarded as having a disability or who have a record of a disability.
  • Pregnancy: Individuals who are pregnant, just gave birth to a child, or suffer a medical condition as a result of pregnancy or childbirth are all protected.
  • Veteran Status: Refers to anyone who serves or who has served in any branch of the United States armed forces, including students in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). Volunteers for military duty must be treated the same as those who are ordered to active duty.
  • Political Affiliation: Refers to a person’s membership or association with others in commonality of political purpose and support.
  • Age: Refers to discriminating against individuals because of their age, regardless of their age. Students are protected from age discrimination in academic situations like admissions decisions and residence hall assignments.
  • Religion/Creed: Refers to religious, moral or ethical beliefs that are sincerely held and includes all aspects of religious observance and practice.
  • Political Philosophy: Refers to a person’s belief or endorsement of any system of thought pertaining to public policy or the administration of governmental functions.

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