Assistant Professor of Illustration (CT/T)

Status: Reference Checks

Search Committee:


  • Faculty Search Committee Chair: Travis Vermilye, Associate Professor, Visual Arts
  • Faculty: Quinton Gonzalez, Associate Professor, Visual Arts
  • Faculty: Vivian George, Principal Instructor, Visual Arts
  • Faculty: Erin Hackel, Associate Professor, Music & Entertainment Industry Studies
  • Search Advocate: Annie Miller, Assistant Professor, School of Public Affairs
  • People Ops/HR: Teri Wilson, Director of People Operations/HR, College of Arts & Media


Timeline and Status:



  • Priority Application Date: February 15, 2023
  • Kick-Off Meeting
  • Applicant Screening Period


  • Continue Applicant Screening
  • Applicant Discussion Meeting
  • Start 1st Interviews


  • Finish 1st Interviews
  • 2nd Interviews (presentations, open forums)
  • Feedback Period
  • Finalist Selected
  • Reference Checks


  • Contingent Offer
  • Announcements

College of Arts & Media

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