2020 Virtual LYNX Camp Frequently Asked Questions


I was already admitted to a camp program, do I need to register again? 


  • Yes! Even though you had already been admitted to one of our usual on-campus camps, we need everyone to let us know if you'd like to do one of our online camps by May 15th. We've made the registration form easy so we'll only ask basic information from you on this form. *If you were waitlisted for a camp, but already filled out the application, you can select that you have already applied.


Do I have to do the same camp that I was originally admitted to? 


  • No, please choose any camp that you'd like to do in the new online format! It doesn't have to be the same one that you originally applied for earlier in the year. You can also do more than one camp if you'd like!


Will the camps still be fun, engaging, and educational in the online format?


  • Yes! Our instructors have worked hard to create online camps that still have the "camp feel". We don't want our camp programs to be anything like online classes. We want to make sure that they are still fun and interactive. Like always, there won't be any grades or tests for the LYNX Camps. Also, students will have lots of breaks throughout the day so they aren't on the computer all day. Please click on the links for each program above to learn more about the curriculum/outcomes for each program. 


What equipment and supplies will I need at my house to participate?


  • This varies by program but we've encouraged all instructors to try to use free software/resources as much as possible. Some programs will use software (Adobe, Ableton, etc.) that offers free trials to students. The main thing that all students will need is a computer and internet access. For program specific information, please see the individual program links above.


I applied for a need-based camp scholarship, how will I know if I will receive a scholarship?


  • Most families that applied for a need-based scholarship will receive a camp scholarship. Once your student completes the new camp registration form, we will let you know the amount that you will need to pay for the camp. We encourage all students who want to participate to complete the new registration form. We will do everything that we can to make the camp affordable for your family.


When/how will we pay for the program? 

  • The new registration form asks that you submit payment upon registering. You only need to pay a deposit at this time (1/2 the camp cost) or you are welcome to pay the full camp cost now. You need to submit a deposit in order to reserve your spot at camp. Final camp payments need to be paid within one week before the camp starts. 


Do the discounts still apply?


  • Yes, if you are applying to more than one camp, sending more than one student, or if you are a CU employee, you will receive a $50 discount for each program or each kid. Contact Kelli for additional questions. 


Who are the camp instructors? 


  • You can find information about all the camp instructors on the program information sheets. Most of the instructors are faculty members in the College of Arts & Media. Some instructors are industry professionals. It is likely that all programs will also have a current CU Denver CAM student as a Teaching Assistant.