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CU Denver in Singapore: Exploring the Creative Economy

From May 22 – June 6, 2019 students from CU Denver will be lead by Visual Arts faculty Michelle Carpenter and Travis Vermilye to Singapore, one of the world's most thriving creative economies. Learning how a creative economy is established and sustainedand the dynamics necessary for it to thrive, students will visit places like the Singapore National Gallery, Infinite Studios, The Substation, Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, and other landmarks and events through the city that play significant roles in fostering and driving creativity.

Follow their international journey as the student examine international and collaborative art, design, visual culture, process.



First of The Firms!

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Singapore Fact of the Day: There are some very strict laws you must follow in Singapore. Gum is illegal completely. You cannot have a gathering of over four people without government consent (this usually just applies for protests and similar scenarios). And weirdly enough, they have a law here which dictates you must not pee in elevators. This is a serious offense which gives you a large fine and even jail time. You would think it was a no-brainer, but evidently it's a law all the same. The more you know!

Singapore blog nono signToday was one of the most anticipated days for me for the whole trip. While we got to go sightseeing and explore various exhibitions for the first part of the trip, we finally got to the "educational" part, which was meeting and learning about different design and animation firms in Singapore! Today we got to visit two - Farm and Crave FX.

Farm was really fascinating - they explored the interconnection between design and architecture in new and interesting ways. My favorite project they had was redesigning a hotel in Little India called The Great Madras. They created an environment that simulated the idea of an older establishment being rewritten and added to over time. They had older artifacts scattered throughout the hotel inside a colorful and modern environment.

The second place we visited was Crave FX - an animation studio! It was really fun to see a small to medium-sized studio and how they conduct their work. They have done work on multiple short-term projects mostly based in Singapore and the surrounding region. It seems like animation here is thriving, and select companies that filled the void a few years ago were able to create successful businesses in their own right.

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One more thing I'd like to add here. I've had friends and family ask me about the weather so far. Singapore is very close to the equator, and it is a tropical island. So it is very hot and very humid. And I really mean it. After 2 minutes of being outside, I am BEADING sweat. It took me a few days, but I'm used to being covered in sweat all the time now. It's not fun, and it's gross, but it's normal now.

Overall, I'd say today was really informative and fun. Definitely learned a lot about the design and animation environment surrounding Singapore. The next few days will be filled with a few more exciting firms and studios we got to visit. I can't wait to talk to you more about them. Tomorrow's will be especially interesting, since one is a video game company, and the other is an art school!


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