The Digital Design Project

As part of your portfolio application, you are required to submit a design solution for the following design project. The goal of assigning this project is to help the review committee assess your current design abilities and your potential for completing the Digital Design curriculum successfully. Read the design brief below carefully and generate a single, well-designed solution.

Refer to the Digital Design Portfolio Rubric on the Evaluation Process Webpage for requirements, guidance, and criteria.



A single multiple-page PDF uploaded to SlideRoom (on Canvas)* that includes the following:

  • Your finished visual design solution.
  • Up to two pages demonstrating your design process (sketches, word maps, mood boards, etc.)
  • A 400-500 word written statement discussing your design process, choices, and solution.

*Transfer students will submit their portfolio via email. Refer to Portfolio Submission Instructions Webpage for full details.





Urban Farms Denver is a local nonprofit organization that supports the establishment and growth of environmentally friendly organic farms within Denver County through small grants and supplemental education for new farmers. Each year in October, Urban Farms Denver puts on a benefit concert to raise money in support of their cause. You have been selected as the designer for this year’s concert and your task is to create a 12”(wide) x 18”(tall) two-color (paper plus two ink colors) poster design. Posters will be screen-printed by a local print shop and circulated throughout Denver.



Benefit Organization:  Urban Farms Denver

Concert Event Title: Denver Grown

Subtitle: Urban Farms Denver Fall Benefit Concert

Additional Copy for Poster:  

Saturday, October 7, Commons Park (along the South Platte River at the edge of downtown Denver), 3 pm – 9 pm.

Tickets available at

Ticket Price: $11 online before Oct. 7, $15 at the event



The band line-up includes one local headliner combined with local rock & roll, folk, and bluegrass bands.

Headliner: The Division Bell (A Pink Floyd Tribute Band)

Other bands: Green Junkies, Time to Kill, Fastcast, Contemplation Railroad, The Meanderers, and The Coal Creek Bluegrass Band.



Urban Farms Denver would like the poster to be largely comprised of typography with minimal use of imagery.  Last year’s poster consisted of a single large image, and they want this year’s poster to be more typographic. Posters should be eye catching when placed in a busy setting such as a local Denver coffee shop or in restaurant windows.

Urban Farms Denver would like you to keep the following in mind while making your design choices:

Urban Farms has a core audience in the organic-minded,  activist-urban-farm community. For this year’s concert, they would like to broaden their audience outside of this core group. They welcome ideas for how to do this, without alienating their base. In your proposal, provide relevant information about your design choices and the intended audience.

This concert is primarily about raising money for the Urban Farms Denver cause – supporting local urban farms, however they understand that a poster advertising a concert needs to also be about having fun and enjoying good music in a fun, fall, urban setting – Commons Park, Denver.

(Organization and band names are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual organizations and bands is coincidental.)