Components of the Portfolio

For consideration for admission to the Digital Design program, a complete portfolio must submitted which contains the following:

  • Five additional examples of work. These must include:
  • 1 project or exercise from FINE 2405 Introduction to Digital Design (or equivalent for a transfer student). Label the image with the project/exercise name and class.
  • 2 projects or exercises from FINE 2415 Typography (or equivalent for transfer students). Label the image with the project/exercise name and class.
  • 2 additional creative works. They can be your original design, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, painting, video (no longer than 2 minutes in length), freelance design work, etc.


Refer to the Digital Design Portfolio Rubric  on the Evaluation Process Webpage for requirements, guidance, and criteria.



  • All submitted creative works must include a brief explanation of the assignment (if it was for a class), concept, and creative process behind each piece.
  • Include notes about imagery used, if it was original, and if not, where it was sourced.
  • Work should be selected with an emphasis on conceptual and creative solutions. Choose work that best demonstrates your ability to be successful in the Digital Design program. Refer to the Evaluation Process Webpage for requirements and evaluation criteria under the Evaluation section.
  • A series of images/design should be submitted as a single mult-page PDF and will count as one submission.