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The College of Arts & Media is where diversity, talent and inspiration combine. Talk to any student or graduate and discover that they learn and live out their passions beyond the classroom because of an energizing network of collaboration and support.

Chloe Tang is a recent MEIS graduate who is making waves in the local and national music scene.

Chloe Tang, Singer/Songwriter

Singer/Songwriter graduate Chloe Tang has been busy since her recent graduation from the College of Arts & Media. Her career in Denver’s booming music scene has taken off—she was a top 10 artist in 93.3’s Hometown for the Holidays and was featured at the Underground Music Showcase. An American/Canadian citizen, Chloe was put in the national spotlight when the song “DWJD” from her new album Stranger was included on the enviable New Music Friday playlist on Spotify, which has over two million subscribers.

I became involved in the Denver music scene through the College of Arts & Media. There is such a tight-knit group of music kids at CU Denver. I got to practice playing live a lot and I was supported by the college and my classmates.”


Branden Bell

Brendan Bell, Music Business

Brendan Bell, a.k.a. Covex, was named 303 Magazine's Best DJ/Electronic Group, and then went on to sellout his first ever headlining show at Larimer Lounge in March. As a Music Business student, Brendan says he is constantly networking with promoters and artists to accomplish his goal of making a life around his music.

Being in the Music Business program at CU Denver helped me determine what I really wanted to do in the music world. The classes I took opened my eyes to the many possibilities that were awaiting me in the industry.”