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The College of Arts & Media is where diversity, talent and inspiration combine. Talk to any student or graduate and discover that they learn and live out their passions beyond the classroom because of an energizing network of collaboration and support.



Miguel Brañas, Film & Television

Miguel Brañas knows that being a filmmaker is tough, but as a Film & Television major he’s had the opportunity to find success—through hard work and connecting with the right faculty mentors. He recently received grant funding for his documentary project, “The Man Upstairs,” and has been motivated along the way by CU Denver faculty, Jessica McGaugh. He describes her support as monumental because not only did she push him artistically, but also mentored him through navigating the financial and fundraising side of the filmmaking process.

Miguel likes to take chances in film and views all of his CU Denver Film & Television Department experiences as an opportunity to learn something new and connect with industry professionals to grow as an artist and filmmaker.

The CU Denver Film & Television faculty show a passion that inspires me to create and be heard."
Aaron Kopp, Film & Television grad, is an award winning filmmaker.

Aaron Kopp, Film & Television

Aaron Kopp, a 2009 Film & Television graduate certainly knows the tremendous effect of decisions made while still in school. The award-winning and internationally acclaimed film, Liyana, produced and directed by Aaron  and Amanda Kopp (’09, Visual Arts), was artistically and creatively born from projects began while both were students at CU Denver’s College of Arts & Media.

Liyana is a visually stunning, genre-defying documentary the weaves documentary and animation with storytelling, winning Liyana more than 25 international awards and recently qualifying for the Oscars.  Incredibly, Liyana has been almost 10 years in the making, and its true inception began even earlier, when both Aaron and Amanda were students at the College of Arts & Media at CU Denver.

Aaron credits his broad education in film and television as allowing him to develop as a professional and not just an artist. He also stays connected to faculty at the College of Arts & Media and has mentored aspiring filmmakers through the Lynx Camps held on campus each summer.


Dig deep and take your time at CU Denver seriously. Each decision you make, you have no idea where it might lead. Each opportunity in front of you, even while you are in college, can have an enormous effect on your eventual career. Make the most of it. And make great stuff."
Chloe Tang with Guitar

Chloe Tang, Singer/Songwriter

Singer/Songwriter graduate Chloe Tang has been busy since her recent graduation from the College of Arts & Media. Her career in Denver’s booming music scene has taken off—she was a top 10 artist in 93.3’s Hometown for the Holidays and was featured at the Underground Music Showcase. An American/Canadian citizen, Chloe was put in the national spotlight when the song “DWJD” from her new album Stranger was included on the enviable New Music Friday playlist on Spotify, which has over two million subscribers.

I became involved in the Denver music scene through the College of Arts & Media. There is such a tight-knit group of music kids at CU Denver. I got to practice playing live a lot and I was supported by the college and my classmates.”
Brendan Bell Sitting Stairs Photo

Brendan Bell, Music Business

Brendan Bell, a.k.a. Covex, was named 303 Magazine's Best DJ/Electronic Group, and then went on to sellout his first ever headlining show at Larimer Lounge in March. As a Music Business student, Brendan says he is constantly networking with promoters and artists to accomplish his goal of making a life around his music.

Being in the Music Business program at CU Denver helped me determine what I really wanted to do in the music world. The classes I took opened my eyes to the many possibilities that were awaiting me in the industry.”

Livy Snyder, Studio Art and Art History

Livy Snyder, majoring in both Studio Art and Art History, was awarded a highly coveted Venice, Italy. She is a student-curator at the internship at the Guggenheim Museum in   College of Arts & Media's Emmanuel Gallery,  where she is part of a team that attracts international artists and exhibitions.

My experiences working directly with artists and installing exhibitions has given me a tremendous edge in the art industry. I am grateful to my mentors at the College of Arts & Media for building my professional network, and providing guidance and insight.”

whoa giving presentation

Khoa Nguyen, Art History and English

Khoa Nguyenis a first-generation, recent grad who double majored in Art History and English. While a student he worked as a senior fashion  writer for Denver’s 303 Magazine, covering local art, fashion events, and trendsetter profiles. Now working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Khoa believes in the power of fashion to create community.

I loved going to school in Denver and being around people of  color and members of the LGBTQ community. It shaped my growth. And as an art major I has access to the best galleries and museums the city has to offer.”

Taylor working in the Digital Animation Center

Taylor Schulze, Visual Arts

3D Animation major Taylor Schulze’s dream is to create 3D models for feature fims in a major animation studio. She is well on

her way to accomplishing her goals. Last summer Taylor landed a highly coveted internship at Pixar Studios—she was one of 6,000 applicants for only nine intern positions.

My professors who are active in the industry connected me with  professionals who opened the door for an opportunity of a lifetime!”

Urim Apocalypse, 3D Modeling & Animation

3D Animation major Urim Apocalypse spends his time collaborating with his classmates at The College of Arts & Media’s nationally renowned Digital Animation Center. He specializes in 3D modeling on student-produced animation films, and holds a prestigious internship creating motion graphics for Rocky Mountain PBS. As a refugee from the Congo, Urim says that his amazing classmates and faculty make him feel right at home.

Combining my passion for fine arts with new technologies has allowed me to build a portfolio that has already opened to doors to internship and job opportunities.”