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January 19, 2022

Jan 19, 2022, 11:23 by Alice Crogan

It’s great to be back in action. And I share your excitement about a safe return to campus on January 31.

1) Some of you may be wondering what happened to our opening meeting of the semester. With the “hecticness” of this virtual start, and the Omicron matters, we are going to have a mid-semester meeting. That way, we can focus on matters such as aligning the Strategic Plan 2030 with the portfolios of each faculty and staff member. I want to thank the faculty and staff who put in the time in for the November sessions to refine and develop meaningful ways to support the 5 Goals.

2) Now, some good news: The Student Lounge in the Arts Building has not been commensurate with the type of facility that our students need—and deserve. There has been a complete renovation. It’s for students from all three campuses, but it helps address the lack of a social and study space for our MEIS students. Here are some pictures.

3) The 2022 Dean’s Future of Creativity Awards have been announced. Here are the results of the 2021 Awards. The 2022 Awards will be posted soon. $10,000+ directed to students to nurture their journey in research and scholarship in the creative industries.

4) Please be sure and mention the LLCC to prospective incoming students and their parents.

5) On February 1, 2022, Andrew Palamara will be joining the College of Arts & Media staff as Gallery Coordinator. He will be working with Jeff Lambson, in assuring that operations and infrastructure in the Emmanuel and Next Stage Galleries are first-rate. Andrew is coming to us from the Cincinnati Art Museum. He has held positions at the Dallas Art Museum and Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA). He holds degrees from Belmont University and the University of North Texas.

6) And finally, on May 3rd our alum Tenzing Rigdol (BFA, BA, ’05) will receive an honorary doctorate from CU. This will be at a special ceremony with the Board of Regents, President Saliman and Chancellor Marks. Here he is with some Denver cultural leaders and friends of CAM during his 2019 Show at Emmanuel Gallery.

Please continue to stay informed through the CAM website, and my CAM Dean’s Blog.