Greetings from the College of Arts & Media (CAM) at the University of Colorado Denver!


Not only is our unit Colorado’s first arts and entertainment college—but we are also one of the few public institutions nationally to be offering programs at the intersection of arts, technology, and commerce. It’s at that location that our art changes lives.

It has only been within the past 20 years that significant research has illuminated new career paths for prospective students and their parents to consider. Please read the following sentences from Steven J. Tepper and Elizabeth Long Lingo (formerly of Vanderbilt’s Curb Center for Art, Enterprise & Public Policy),

Artists need to be masters of navigating across historically disparate domains, for example, specialization and generalist skills, autonomy and social engagement, the economy’s periphery and the core, precarious employment and self-directed entrepreneurialism, and large metro centers and regional art markets.” 

That is what CAM is all about. Our faculty has high expectations for our students—and in that regard, a core belief we all share is the importance of assuring that young artist, designers and scholars have the tools to form their own creative identity. They will then be able to establish their role in the new contingent economy by leveraging entrepreneurship and enterprise for their success as artist citizens.

Please explore our website, printed materials—and then plan a visit to our campus. When you meet our faculty and students you will understand the special nature of how an education at the intersection of arts, technology, and commerce changes lives.

With best regards,

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